Korean Kimbap

This is one of my family’s favorite recipes and one that I love to make! Let’s make them together. 

What you’ll need:

5 sheets of dried seaweed

4 cups cooked sticky rice

1/2 lb bulgogi, cooked

1 large carrot, cut into long matchsticks

1 large English cucumber, cut into long matchsticks

5 strips of yellow pickled radish

1 small bunch of spinach, blanched, rinsed and strained

3 eggs

2 tsp salt

2 tbsp sesame oil


Rice: Cook until fluffy. You can mix in a sprinkle of salt and 2 tsp sesame oil or you can brush your seaweed sheet later. Set aside.

Spinach: Blanch entire bunch in a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes and then submerge in a bowl of cold water. Drain and squeeze excess water from spinach. Set aside in a large platter along with the carrot, cucumber and yellow radish.

Bulgogi: Cook according to your favorite recipe and set aside in a separate bowl.

Eggs: Scramble 3 eggs. Lightly oil a frying pan and add eggs until it fills the entire pan. cook eggs in a thin layer over low heat until cooked through but not browned. Slice into 1/2 inch wide strips and add it to the platter with the vegetables.


Place a sheet of seaweed on a bamboo mat. Evenly spread a scoop of rice on top, leaving about 2 inches at the top uncovered.

Layer bulgogi, carrot, pickled radish and cucumber on top, along with the 2 strips of egg and spinach in the center of the rice.

Pick up the bamboo mat and pull one side of the seaweed on top of the fillings and tuck the edge under while you roll. Let the bamboo mat roll out in front of you instead of getting tucked into the roll itself. Press tightly as you roll.

To seal the roll, place a few grains of cooked rice on the free edge to “glue” it down.


Use a sharp knife to slice the roll into 1/4” side coins. I like to wipe my knife with a wet rag to ensure a clean cut.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your first homemade kimbap! Hope you love it!



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